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Cupping therapy
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Suction therapy was developed thousands of years ago and although its techniques have been modernized, the original philosophy remains the same. It is an ancient healing method used by the ancient Greeks, Chinese, Egyptians and North American Indians. References to this method are found in the texts of Hippocrates where suction cups, among other things, are recommended for the treatment of angina and menstrual disorders.
It is a painless, soothing treatment that offers you a feeling of deep relaxation and warmth. As the overworked muscles relax due to the improvement of the blood circulation there is a feeling of relief from the stress and the nervous system calms down.

How are suction cups applied in the treatment?
The suction cups are applied with special glass cups (professional glasses made of thick glass) which are heated and immediately placed on the skin so that it is sucked causing a local pull. As the strained muscles relax from the improved blood circulation you feel immediate relief from stress and anxiety. The blood brings nutrients to the muscles, heals injuries from intense exercise and removes toxins released by tissue repair.


There are two ways to apply

Fixed Suction Cups
The suction cups are placed on a selected area of ​​your body and then left in place for a few minutes without moving.

Rolling suction cups
The suction cups, after being placed on the skin where the oil has been applied before, move - slide in the affected area.

Depending on the assessment of the problem, the first or the second method or a combination of them is applied.

What does suction therapy really offer?
Through the improvement of perspiration and oxygenation of the local tissues and the detoxification of the lymph, the treatment with suction cups offers:

  • Instant relief for tired muscles (Trigger Points) in back, neck, waist, shoulders, legs
  • relief from rheumatic or arthritic pains
  • fight cellulite (with amazing results)
  • Significant improvement of the skin due to the production of collagen and elastin (reduction of stretch marks)
  • relief from respiratory problems: cough, asthma
  • relief from the symptoms of the flu and cold
  • relief from period pains
  • injury relief
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • reduction of headaches


In what cases is suction therapy beneficial?
The massage done with the suction cups restores the free flow of blood to the muscles and the skin, drastically helps to remove retained fluids and toxins, improves the texture of the skin through the production of collagen and elastin, stimulates the peripheral nervous system, strengthens the immune system . The result of better blood circulation is to reduce stiffness and muscle tension.